This month we went to Disneyland with the Saaris - had a blast, went on almost every ride, some twice!

Splash Mountain shut down - just before the last drop! We had to walk out, but made sure to go back.

Mothers Day

To: Mom Why my mom is the best mom ever    My mom is the best mom ever in many different ways Here are some reasons why my mom is the best...Firstly why my mom is the best …. She buys awesome toys and clothes for me, including my epic xbox 1from her.
When I’m running down the soccer field about to score a goal she jumps from her seat and is screaming “Go Jonas”, when I’m running down the field I hear her cheering, at a boot of my cleat I score a goal I wave at her she waves back I’m very happy I have an encouraging mom.
When I’m playing video games I smell a smell something yummy when i walk into the kitchen, cookies I  see, I give my mom a hug and I take a bite of a cookie “ yum yum my favorite peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies” I say.
It’s night time I’m about to go to sleep you come in my room and you give me the best hug ever we pray when you walk out of my room you say goodnight i say goodnight back. These are the reasons why my mom is the best mom ever. In conclusion my mom i…