Jonas is into statistics and he'll say "I'm 99 percent sure that..." (just add your own factoid). Anyways he's good at math and he's picking up his game in science, geography, etc. He was picked to have a solo singing part in the church Christmas Choir. Nadia's the family singer but Jonas definitely has singing skill.

Nadia sang in her second BC Girls Choir Christmas concert and is always her usual feisty self.  Her reading and writing skills are improving and likes a lot more different foods than Jonas does. She also performed "A Pirate Christmas" musical with some school mates for the Burnaby School Board.


The love of our lives turned 38 and is a beautiful as ever!


Wow! So much happened in November!  Time flies when you're having fun.  Birthday parties, soccer, singing and a lot of time outside.  We were able to enjoy a 45th birthday in Whistler - on opening day!  We didn't ski but went sledding to Lost Lake and just enjoyed time away, food, outdoor pool and hot tub time.  As we enter December and the Christmas season, we were visited by Zee Zee and Grandpa and the cousins Matias and Nya.  Time flies.


October was filled with lots of fun...

Bath time

Thanksgiving in Kelowna

McMillan Pumpkin Farm

Hay ride

Back home for more Fall fun!