Nine - Sweet July, Part 2

Jonas' ninth birthday month (Sweet July) continues...

Tuxedo mysteriously went blind when we were Kelowna last (the heat/smoke? a tick?) We feared he was seriously sick and may die prematurely. We still fear this. The vet prescribed prednisone to reduce any potential infection/swelling in his central nervous system. Well it seems to work because he's got his sight back. The only negative is that he can now see the kids again and still gets jealous and angry at them occasionally. Oh well, back to the old Tux. 

Berry picking at Krause Farms with the Mitchells

We ride!!!

July 27th we let the kids ride to the nearby park alone, for the first time. We hesitated as we hadn't had the courage before to let them leave the complex without supervision. They made it home okay but it's still a weird feeling having 'bigger' kids.

Whitecaps versus Portland Timbers

Jonas' first baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium with Johnny
Vancouver Canadians vs. Tri-City Dust Devils 

Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge 

Back in Kelowna for the rest of the summer! Tiago and his family were in town - we spent the afternoon at the lake.


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